Unicore Investment

About Unicore Investment

Unicore Investment has a portfolio focus residential and commercial real estate, renewable energy, infrastructure and blockchain technology. The company geographic and financial reach continued to grow through its strategic investment high-grow sector globally but specifically in the unexploded developing world.

Our Value

We strongly believe that the welfare of the communities we operate amounts its as important as our bottom line also there is a direct correlation between our success and the grow as well as the economic development of the community.

Through a variety of targeted development, we have allocated funds in projects that we ultimately deliver a better life for the people and the region, from women empowerment to underprivilege education for children.

Our Approach

Unicore Investment focus on both short-term open market instruments (debt, equity, metals and other liquid assets) and mid to long term investment in the fundamental sectors that represent our core believe (renewable energy, infrastructure, real estate and agriculture)

As much as we focus mainly on investment with business back up by tangible asset we adopt the top down research approach with reginal economic analysis, objectively measure which local areas promote economic vitality, quality employment and wage growth all syndicate with stable growth market to avoid the stagnant ones. In addition to our bottom up sourcing, we have access to local government, business and community leaders to generate transaction from a local network.

Our Culture

Our culture is simply the reflection of our core believe and the success of our bottom line is tied to the welfare of the communities we choose to be part of… we invest in people first.

Lateral Thinking: we welcome innovative thinking and encourage our teams to defy conventional wisdom. Bring about lateral thinking to solve problems and better way to do business

Team work: we believe that strength is a natural result of a coherent team that respect each other analysis. Group empowerment is a direct result of self-empowerment and from trust will emerge a sense of high purpose & loyalty.