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Since our founding, we’ve held to the natural believe that an investment firm can truly and only create value if there is an honest commitment to the people, we serve in our communities

Private Equity

Strategy Overview

our private equity strategy offers a combination of financial and intellectual capital to bring lasting value and sustainable growth to our companies. We set companies up for success by offering proven best practices and unique insights from a community of executives who understand the opportunities and challenges within the industry. We help companies improve their competitive position by expanding into new products and markets, growing productivity and strengthening their operations


Our objective is to build extraordinary companies that will shape the future of the media, communications, education and information industries and will create attractive returns for our investors.

To achieve this goal, we seek to forge lasting partnerships with talented entrepreneurs and executives and provide them the capital, industry expertise and broad network of relationships they need to succeed.

Public Equity

Overview Strategy

Our public equity team invests globally across the major industry verticals, applying deep domain expertise and a differentiated perspective to source unique opportunities.

Our Approach

Public Equity employs long/short equity strategies that combine rigorous fundamental research with analytical portfolio construction to identify and capitalize on opportunities across the global equity markets. We seek to generate consistent, positive absolute returns over a full market and economic cycle while exhibiting minimal beta and correlation to the MSCI World and other macro factors. We partner with our clients to drive incremental value, including transparency and service, shared insights, potential co-investments and strategic relationships.


We partner with disruptive companies to accelerate their ideas to market. We’re focused on high-growth enterprise software opportunities across functions and industries, including Infrastructure Software, SaaS and Data Services, marketing Tech, FinTech, Healthcare, Security Software, Networking, Internet, Media, Gaming, and more.

Our Value

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are core to our believe. By actively engaging with companies on ESG issues and fully integrating these insights into our stock research and decision making, we look aim to enhance investor returns and reduce risk.

Our Approach

we utilize debt financing for a wide range of activities – accelerating their hiring plan, growing into new verticals and markets, investing in new capabilities, financing working capital, purchasing equipment, making strategic acquisitions, and strengthening the balance sheet before an expected IPO or M&A event. In this vertical, Hercules Capital focuses on the following sectors:

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Real Estate

Our Unicore Real Estate was formed in 2017 and focuses on often hard-to-access sectors underpinned by enduring secular trends that drive long-term demand growth for real estate assets and services.

Overview Strategy

With our real estate experience and expertise in acquisitions, asset management, portfolio management, financing, investment sales, investment banking, financial reporting, legal, construction management and development.

Our Approach

Unicore Investment Real Estate shares the value-added investment approach that Unicore pioneered in Private Equity. Real estate has a robust track record of enhancing portfolio diversification and can deliver strong risk-adjusted returns for investors.

Our success in real estate is built on deep local research, global insight and an active approach to investing and development of our real estate assets. In this way, we seek to enable our clients to benefit from global real estate themes such as demographic change, urbanization, technology plus environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

Responsible Real Estate Investing

By integrating ESG factors into our investment process, we aim to maximize the performance of our real estate assets and minimize exposure to risk. Nowhere is this commitment more visible than in real estate. We believe the opportunities presented by considering ESG factors can deliver positive, long-term results for our clients, while also minimizing risk exposure.

Renewable Energy

Energy is fundamental to modern life, and as the world’s population approaches 9 billion people in 2040, we are challenged to improve living standards everywhere. We expect that progress will be powered by human ingenuity and the energy that helps make better lives possible.

Our overview Strategy

Management of Environmental and Social (E&S) aspects is vital to deliver economically sound investments that have long-term value for our communities. Unicore Renewable Energy is committed to ensuring that investments do not adversely impact the local community and the environment and have lasting E&S benefits. Integrating E&S in our business model allows us to adapt to a changing environment and society standards.

Our Value

we have been motivated by the belief that Renewable energy makes our world cleaner and healthier. From development to construction to operations, we create projects that benefit communities for several decades to come.

Our Approach

Unicore Renewable Energy is committed to developing solar, wind, hydro and geothermal projects that deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective energy. We believe in renewable energy being the only solution for economic viability for the developing countries and we are committed to help the different communities we work alongside to achieve this goal.

Energy is a source of life in a region and beyond